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General Information:

Name: The Honourable Dr. Charles Race Thorson Mathews.



Academic Qualifications:

(i) DTheol, Catholic Theological College, Unniversity of Divinity, 2016

(ii) PhD (Mollie Holman Doctoral Medal), Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University, 1999.

(iii) Master of Arts (Hons.) Department of History, Melbourne University, 1989.

(iv) Bachelor of Education (Sir Isaac Pitman Prize in History of Education), School of Education, Melbourne University, 1977.

(v) Licentiate of the Australian College of Speech Therapists, Australian Council of Speech Therapy Training School, 1961.

(vi) Trained Primary Teacher's Certificate, Toorak Teachers' College, 1954.

Positions Held:

* 2006 - 2008 Board Member Australian Centre for the Moving image

* 2005 - 2009 Board Member Melbourne Recital Centre

* 2002
Capital Ownership Group Fellow, Kent State University, USA

* 2001 - 2008
Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University.

* 2001
George Fairfax Fellow in Arts Management, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University

* 2001 – 2003
Senior Research Fellow in the Governance and Government Unit, Faculty of Business and Economics, Monash University

* 1998 - 2001
Senior Research Fellow in the International Centre for Management in Government, Monash/Mt Eliza School of Business and Government.

* 1992 - 1997
Senior Research Fellow in the Graduate School of Government, Monash University.

* 1990 -1992
Visiting Fellow in the Public Sector Management Institute, Monash University.

* 1979 - 1992
Member for Oakleigh in the Victorian Legislative Assembly (Chairman, Ministerial Advisory Committee on Co-operatives, 1988-1992; Member, Economic and Budget Review Committee, 1989-1992, Privileges Committee, House Committee 1988-1992); Minister for Community Services 1987-1988; Minister for Police and Emergency Services and Minister for the Arts 1982-1987; Minister Assisting the Premier for the Victorian Sesquicentenary and the Australian Bicentenary 1982-1984; Secretary to the Opposition Shadow Cabinet 1981-1982; Opposition Spokesman on Economic Development 1981-1982; Parliamentary Member of the Victorian Institute of Secondary Education 1981-1982; Deputy Chairman, Public Accounts Committee 1981-1982.

* 1976-1979
Principal Private Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition in the Victorian Parliament (A.C. Holding and F.N. Wilkes).

* 1972-1975
Member for Casey in the Australian Parliament (Chairman, House of Representatives Select Committee on Specific Learning Difficulties 1974-1975; Chairman, Government Members' Committee on Urban and Regional Development).

* 1967-1972
Principal Private Secretary to the Leader of the Opposition in the Australian Parliament (E.G. Whitlam).

* 1959-1967
Speech Therapist, Victorian Education Department.

* 1953-1958
Primary Teacher, Victorian Education Department.

* 1952
Clerk, Shell Company of Australia.

Principal Publications:


Sole Author:

Of Labour and Liberty: Distributism in Victoria 1891-1966. 2017 Monash University Publishing (Australia), 2018 Notre Dame University Press (US edition)

Jobs of Our Own: Building a Stakeholder Society. 1999. Sydney, Pluto Press (Australia), and London, Comerford & Miller.

Australia's First Fabians: Middle-Class Radicals, Labour Activists and the Early Labour Movement. 1993. Cambridge University Press.

Joint Editor with Hugh Emy and Owen Hughes:

Whitlam Re-visited: Policy Development, Policies and Outcomes. 1992. Sydney, Pluto Press.

Co-Author with David Burchall:

Labor's Troubled Times. 1991. Sydney, Pluto Press.

Monographs, Journal Articles, Chapters and Pamphlets:

‘Collateral Damage: B.A. Santamaria and the Marginalising of Social Catholicism’. Forthcoming in Labour History: Journal of the Australasian Society for the Study of Labour History, May, 2007.

‘B.A. Santamaria and the Marginalising of Social Catholicism: A Study in Unintended Consequences’ in The Chesterton Review, Vol. XXXII, Nos. 1 & 2, April, 2006.

‘Among Australian Fabians, I am Maximus: Gough Whitlam and the Fabian Approach to Public Policy Development and Advocacy’ in Hocking J. and Lewis C. (ed) 2003, Whitlam and Modern Labor: It’s Time Again, Melbourne, Circa.

The 4:3:5 Strategy: Fixing Early Childhood Services Through a Four-Part Structure in Three Stages over Five Years. Consultancy Report for the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet, July, 2003

‘Jobs of Our Own: A Distributist Future for Australia’ in The Chesterton Review, Vol. XXVII, No. 4., November, 2001.

Turning the Tide: Towards a Mutualist Philosophy for Labor and the Left, Australian Fabian Society/Arena Magazine Blue Book Number 1, 2001.

‘Demutualisation: The Credit Union Challenge’ in Credit Union Management, Summer, 2000.

‘NRMA Insurance Demutualisation’ in Journal of Australian Political Economy, Number 44, December, 1999.

‘Credit Unions and the New Mutualism’ in The Journal of Co-operative Studies Vol 30:3 (No. 91). January, 1998.

‘The Fabian Society’. Entry for Shafritz J.M. (ed) The International Encyclopedia of Public Policy and Administration. Boulder, Colorado. Westview Press. 1997.

‘William Morris and Socialism’ in The Chesterton Review, Vol. XXIII, No. 3, August, 1997.

The Mondragon Co-operative Corporation: Lessons for Australia. Graduate School of Government Working Paper, Monash University, 1997.

‘Public Trust and Public Deception’ in Clark G.L., Prior Jonson E and Caldow W Accountability and Corruption: Public Sector Ethics. St Leonards, New South Wales. Allen & Unwin. 1997.

‘Co-operatives and Regional Economic Development’ in Co-operatives Managing Change into the Next Century. Sydney, NSW Registry of Co-operatives. 1996.

‘Shaw and Chesterton: The Reconciliation’ in Hogan M (ed.) Australian Politics: Catholic Perspectives. Uniya. Sydney. 1994.

‘Whitlam Re-visited: A Personal Memoir’ in Emy H., Hughes O and Mathews R (eds) Whitlam Re-visited: Policy Development, Policies and Outcomes. Sydney, Pluto Press. 1994.

‘Print Media Ownership Concentration: Lessons and Insights from the Victorian Inquiries’ in Competition and Diversity in Australia's Print Media. Sydney. Australian Centre for Independent Journalism. 1991.

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Employee Ownership: Mondragon's Lessons for Australia. Melbourne. Australian Fabian Society. 1987.

‘Victoria's War Against Whitlam’ in Grant B. (ed) The Whitlam Phenomenon. Melbourne. McPhee Gribble/Penguin. 1986.

David Bennett: A Memoir. 1985. Australian Fabian Society

Building the Society of Equals: Worker Co-operatives and the ALP. Melbourne. Victorian Fabian Society. 1983.

‘Expenditure Control in the Victorian Parliament’ in Nethercote J.R. (ed) Parliament and Bureaucracy. Sydney. Hale & Iremonger. 1982.

Labor Socialist Objective (with Gareth Evans and Peter Wilenski). Melbourne. Victorian Fabian Society. 1982.

Meeting the Crisis: Federal Aid for Education. Melbourne. Victorian Fabian Society. 1967.

Recent Conference Papers, Public Lectures and Newspaper Articles:

How to Stop MPs Lying’. Feature Article for the Age, 19 May, 2006.

‘At Risk: The Public University in the Aftermath of Abolition of the Tertiary Education Commission’. Address to the Association for the Public University Conference on ‘Reclaiming “the Public” in the Public University’, Melbourne, 29 April, 2006.

Mutuality: Past Performance ad Future Prospects’. Address to the Creditlink Services and National Credit Union Association Inc 12th Annual Conference and Tradeshow, Melbourne, 13 November, 2004.

‘Distributism: Past, Present and Future’. Paper presented at the Australian Chesterton Society Conference, Melbourne, 8 May, 2004.

‘A Future or No Future: Credit Unions in a Globalising Economy’. Address to the New Zealand Association of Credit Unions Annual Conference, Hamilton, NZ, 12 September, 2003.

‘Distributism: Past Present and Future’. Address to the American Chesterton Society Annual Conference, St Paul, Minnesota, 14 June, 2002.

‘Recollections and Reflections: Science Fiction in Victoria 1945-2002’. Guest of Honour Address to the National Science Fiction Convention, Melbourne, 7 June, 2002.

‘It's Time ... For Labor to stand up for its old and true values.’ Feature article for the Age, 21 May, 2002.

‘Social and Ethical Investment in Community Building’. Keynote Address for the Maleny Credit Union/Foresters ANA Friendly Society Community Capital Conference, Maleny, 11 April, 2002

‘New Perspectives for Local and Regional Economic Development’ Conferral Ceremony Occasional Address, Deakin University, Warrnambool, 10 April, 2002

‘Making the Break: Co-operative Options for Scholarly Autonomy’ Paper for the Association for the Public University Conference, Melbourne, 9 December, 2001.

‘Ethics and Inclusion: Mondragon and the Workplace Relationship’. Paper for the Conference on "Ethics and Enterprise: the Project of Ethical Business, the Project of Ethics Through Business", Mondragon Unibertsitatea, Mondragon, Spain, 10 May, 2001.

‘Strengthening the Foundations: Mutuality and the Performing Arts’. Ken Myer Lecture , Deakin University, 22 March, 2001.

‘Looting the Mutuals: The Ethics and Economics of Demutualisation’. Dissent (Australia), November, 2000.

‘Looting the Mutuals: The Ethics and Economics of Demutualisation’. Background Paper for an Address on "Succession and Continuance of Mutuals" to be Delivered by the Hon. Dr. Race Mathews at the Mutuality 2000: Continuing and Emerging Examples Conference, Brisbane, 16 June, 2000.

‘The Casualties of Cashing In’. Feature Article for the Sydney Morning Herald, 28 February, 2000.

‘Australia Can Take Lead From Mondragon’. Feature Article for the Australian Financial Review, 16 February, 2000.

‘Reinventing the Mutual: the Challenge for Credit Unionism’. Paper for the "Mutuality: A Third Way for Australia" conference, Melbourne, 19 November, 1999.

‘NRMA Insurance Demutualisation: Notes for a Case Study’. Paper for the Mutuality Australia Demutualisation Roundtable, Sydney University of Technology, 8 September, 1999.

‘Its Better to Keep the NRMA for Our Common Good’. Feature article for the Sydney Morning Herald, 20 August, 1999.

‘The NRMA and the Case Against Demutualisation’. Arena Magazine, August-September, 1999

‘Jobs of Our Own: A Distributist Future for Australia’. 1999 G.K. Chesterton Memorial Lecture for the G.K. Chesterton Society of Western Australia, Notre Dame University, Perth, 27 May, 1999.

‘How to Make a Noise in Kennett's State of Silence’. Feature Article for the Age, 20 January, 1999.

‘Credit Unions and Regional Economic Development: The Economics of Empowerment’. Paper for the Australian and New Zealand Third Sector Research Ltd Conference on "Community, Citizenship and Enterprise Culture", Deakin University, 19 June, 1998.

‘Float Sinks Mutual Benefits’. Feature Article for the Australian Financial Review, 16 June, 1998.

‘Re-invigorating Credit Union Mutuality’. Paper for the Australasian Credit Union Directors Institute Northern Regional Seminar, Brisbane, 16 May, 1998.

‘A Science Fiction of Abundance: The Moral and Political Complexities of Utopia’. Arena Magazine, February-March, 1998.

‘Where Credit Is Due’. Book Review for Eureka Street, January-February, 1998.

‘Secret Police Files Cry Out for Swift Judicial Inquiry’. Feature Article for the Age, 28 January, 1998.

‘Future Shock: the Rise of Nanotech’. Book Review for the Age, 15 November, 1997.

‘Credit Unions and the New Mutualism’. Paper for the Australian Credit Union Historical Co-operative Ltd Convention, Sydney, 18 October, 1997.

‘But Is It Socialist: Mondragon Works But How and as What?’ Arena Magazine. April-May, 1997.

‘Answering to the Kids’. Feature Article for the Sunday Age, 3 November, 1996.

‘Mondragon Re-visited’. Paper for the 1996 Co-operatives Key Issues Conference, Sydney, 25 October, 1996.

‘William Morris and Socialism’. William Morris Centenary Lecture. National Gallery of Victoria, 25 September, 1996.

‘The Mondragon Phenomenon’. Feature Article for the Australian Financial Review, 25 September, 1996.

‘Friendly Societies and the New Mutualism’. Address to the Friendly Societies Association Conference on ‘Friendly Societies – the Co-operative Spirit’, Melbourne, 25 April, 1993.

‘Adult Learning: Opportunities and Obstacles for the ‘Nineties’. Address to the Hawthorn Institute of Education Seminar on ‘Re-structuring Adult Education and Training: Mapping the Field’, Melbourne, 11 November, 1992.

Other Positions Held

Board Member, Australian Centre for the Moving Image 2006 -

Board Member, Melbourne Recital Centre Board 2005 –

Board Member, Waverley Credit Union Co-operative Ltd, 1991-1998, Chairman 1996-98.

Board Member, H.V. Evatt Foundation, 1990-992.

Council Member, Victorian Institute of Secondary Education, 1979-81.

Board Member, Labour Resource Centre, 1976-80.

Victorian Board Member, Australian Institute of Political Science, 1976 -81.

Councillor, City of Croydon, 1964-66.

Secretary, Australian Fabian Society 1998-2005 ,1980-88, 1960-67; Chairman 2005 - 6 ,1988-92, 1967-68.



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