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Race Mathews is a Labour Movement historian and former Federal MP, State MP and Minister, Municipal Councillor and Chief of Staff to Opposition Leaders in the Australian and Victorian Parliaments.

He has written and spoken widely on topics including Mutualism, Distributism, Labour Movement History and Public Policy. His books include:

  • Of Labour and Liberty: Distributism in Victoria 1891-1966 (Monash UNiversity Publishing 2017, US edition Notre Dame University Press 2018)
  • Jobs of Our Own: Building a Stakeholder Society (1999, Pluto Press (Aust) and Comerford and Miller (UK)
  • Australia's First Fabians: Middle-Class Radicals, Labour Activists and the Early Labour Movement (1993, Cambridge University Press)
  • Whitlam Re-visited: Policy Development, Policies and Outcomes. (Ed with Hugh Emy and Owen Hughes, 1992, Pluto Press)
  • Labor's Troubled Times. (With David Burchall,1991, Pluto Press).




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